Story: In order to prevent their looming financial ruin, two unlike half-sisters are forced to unite in a quest for transforming traditional German food into vegan haute-cuisine with help of their late fathers recipe-book and a wreck of a food truck. To succeed, they need to not only overcome their animosities, but fight off a vicious opponent and win first prize at a prestigious Green-Cabbage-Festival.

Genre: Comedy flavoured with some Action

Project Status: Development - funded by nordmedia GmbH

About: Fortune-Recipes (German: Gluecksrezepte) is a cross-media project (film+geocaching) about surviving in Hannover, Germany.

Director: Guido Toelke

Screenplay written by Julia Dordel

Co-authors: Guido Toelke, Martin Murch & Denise M'Baye

Starring: Denise M'Baye & Julia Dordel

More Information coming soon.