The English Version of the 45-minute Documentary  is already available as DVD HERE and VOD (Stream or Download) on Vimeo and Amazon.

INTELLIGENT TREES - A Multimedia Project (Documentary Film + Webseries) featuring forester and bestselling book author Peter Wohlleben and forest ecologist Suzanne Simard (in postproduction).

A forester in Germany has observed that the trees in his district are communicating with each other, caring lovingly for their offspring and for their old and sickly (tree-)neighbors. And he wrote the bestseller 'The Hidden Life of Trees',  which was enthusiastically embraced by nature lovers but fiercely challenged by forest practitioners.  However,  research at the University of British Columbia seems to supports these claims by Peter Wohlleben.  This documentary  shows the scientific detective work needed to understand the interactions between trees and explores what consequences could and should this knowledge have for our use of our forests.

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