Frog-Jumping / Froschhuepfen mit Hindernissen

About: This short comedy was filmed entirely with an iPhone. Some high(er) end iPhone-equipment and an anamorphic lens ensure a cinematic widescreen look. 

Story: Two unlike women meet on a deserted country road. Both have given up hope to find their place in this world. Only an accident, a man-sized Teddy-bear, a partnerless toad and a hit over the head makes them realize that the other woman has their dream-job.  

Awards: Winner FilmFest Spezial 2016, Winner Cinephone Smartphone Festival 2016, Winner BlendeEins Filmfestival Wilhelmshafen 2016, Finalist Bayreuther Filmfest kontrast.

Directed by: Guido Toelke

Produced by: Julia Dordel

Cast: Julia Dordel, Sibylle Maria Dordel

Running Time: 13 minutes 

(c)2016 Dorcon Film, All Rights Reserved

Watch the entire film below (DE with EN subtitles):