The English Version of the 45-minute Documentary  is  available on Vimeo and Amazon.

INTELLIGENT TREES - A Multimedia Project (Documentary Film + Webseries) featuring forest ecologist Suzanne Simard and forester and bestselling book author Peter Wohlleben.


"Intelligent Trees" centres around the groundbreaking scientific discoveries that Professor Dr. Suzanne Simard has been making in the Canadian Wilderness since the 1990s and that seem to be valid for all natural forests around the world!

The German forester Peter Wohlleben has observed that the trees in his district communicate with each other, care lovingly for their offspring and for their old and sickly (tree-)neighbors. These observation appear to be supported by scientists like Dr. Simard.  And he wrote a bestseller about it, which was enthusiastically embraced by nature lovers but fiercely challenged by forest practitioners.  "Intelligent Trees" shows science from the University of British Columbia that put his claims in a research perspective.  This documentary  features the scientific detective work needed to understand the interactions between trees and explores what consequences could and should this knowledge have for our use of our forests.


"Heartwarming and eye-opening!!!" Lena Z. in September 2018.


"This movie should be shown in schools" Bettina F. in September 2018.


"I cried when I watched this movie 🌳🌲🌱🍄" Facebook user in September 2018.


"Everbody should see this movie. So that humanity finally realizes that trees, plants and animals are our partners in life. Because the way humanity deals with these creatures nowadays is not how you should be treating your partner..." Sabine T. in November 2018.


"What a wonderful contribution" Leona F. in May 2019.


"Everyone who loves nature, should see this movie", Yann Arthus-Bertrand, French photographer, journalist and environmentalist.


"A small scientific revolution“, Télérama, French culture and television magazine.


"A hymn to the plant world“, Les Fiches du Cinéma.


"Educational“, Le Monde, supra-regional French daily newspaper.


"Intelligent Trees is a beautiful representation of how trees function in relation to the forests in which they live", Cinema Zed. 


"This series is a wonderful overview of how trees and forests function, what we can learn from them and how we should be dealing with them differently to guarantee the future of healthy forests (and wood)", Onder de Bomen.


"Intelligent Trees encourages renewed respect for plant life. The film is easy to follow, keeps an exciting pace and is both intellectually stimulation", Films for the Earth. 



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