What if we'd find a new world.... A chance to start over again?

Have we learned from experience or would we inevitable repeat the same mistakes?


The world as we know it has continued to spiral downwards. Humanity never managed to wean off the “Black Gold”: Oil. A changing climate has turned earth into a desert. The air is poisoned with C02 and water is scarce. Humanity is close to extinction. The few survivors have grouped around the last oil-well in a place called GOMORRAH. The society is divided into two major groups: the PRIVILEGED, the military that govern Gomorrah and live in oil-run Biodomes that provide water, air and food and the SCAVENGERS. The Scavengers live in the ruins surrounding the biodomes and barely get by.

To one side Gomorrah is bordered by the WALL, an insurmountable, high- voltage barrier made of living cells.

Yona, a young scientist from post-apocalyptic Gomorrah, discovers a way to cross the wall and access a wild and pristine world in another dimension: Ruides. She realizes that Ruides' untapped oil-wells could immediately establish the status quo in her world... but destroy Ruides.

Genre: Scifi / Adventure

Directed by: Guido Tölke (Teaser)

Written by: Julia Dordel 

Production Status: Financing