This two-part action-adventure with an eco-twist is a most unusual approach to science communication - resulting in an entertaining mix of mainstream Hollywood- and Arthousepiece. Tree-communication research in Mission NinetyTwo is based on real-life science findings by Dr. Suzanne Simard as featured in the documentary "Intelligent Trees".

Synopsis Mission NinetyTwo I - Dragonfly

Naive Scientist Sonia is torn from her ivory tower and thrown between the cross fires of an international mafia gang and multinational energy enterprises as she secretly conducts research in a restricted area in the Canadian wilderness. Side by side with two disgraced police officers, she unravels a worldwide conspiracy. However, Sonia's curiosity comes at a price. She loses everything and has to decide whether to run and hide, or to get even with her seemingly invincible opponents.

The action-packed story leads from a sterile laboratory world into the pristine wilderness of North American forests, to the urban jungle of Hamburg, Germany. 


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CA/DE 2015

Running time: ca. 90min. EN/DE

Cast: Julia Dordel, Uwe Boll, Adrian Holmes, Eric Breker, Anita Reimer, Denise M'Baye, Olivia Cheng

Genre: Ecothriller / Action / Adventure

Directed by: Guido Toelke, Neil Every, Brent Crowell, Kryshan Randel

Written by: Julia Dordel, Guido Toelke

Produced by: Julia Dordel

Distribution: Dorcon Film, Palatinmedia 

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